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Ezy Test Online



- Support various type of question e.g. text, image, voice and VDO in order to better evaluate student’s performance.
- Save time to create test. Save cost to print out test paper.
- Connect with Ezy OMR and Ezy Test Bank.
- User-friendly. Web based, No need software installation. The system can protect cheat on test.
- Best for education and business.
- Automatically score and analysis.
- Support PC, Notebook, iPad, Tablet Andriod and any smart device.


  Easy to create new question
- Manually create new question
      o Specify Exam ID, grade, subject name, subject ID, etc.
- Select questions from Ezy Test Bank
      o You can create new test by search and improve questions in test bank. The test can be switch questions and switch choices.
      o Search by question’s information e.g. subject group, difficulty (P), goal, indicator and test’s type.
- Import from file
      o Import from Word and Excel file.
create new question to test online
  - Edit questions and choices.
- Support various questions/answer e.g. text, image, voice, and VDO.
- Switch questions, answer and test No. in order to protect cheat on test.
- Specify objective, score correct answer and explanation.
- Specify test schedule, test date/time and test subject.
Test schedule for exam online
Test schedule
Student list
Student list of each test subject
  Test online
  - The system can show total time, time spent and time left while testing.
- Students will see the test in specified time only and student’s answer sheet will be collected when the time is up.
- Students can mark symbol in any questions which they’re not sure in order to back to re-check that questions again.
  Score and analyze automatically
  - In case of online testing, the system can score, analyze test’s result and report as graph automatically.
- In case of answer sheet paper testing, teacher can export test result in Excel file into the system in order to analyze test result.
- Test report such as
       o Report by subject group, subject, test No.
       o Individual test’s result report.
       o Comparison report between individual score and average score, highest score.
       o Sort score report.
       o Report by indicator.
  Self-test everytime everywhere . Support any smart device

OMR Operation chart

OMR operation chart