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Save time
Spend a little time to check and grade a huge of answer sheet. With Ezy OMR, you can get score and all statistics of 10,000 answer sheets within 2 hours by yourself.
Save cost
No need to buy expensive preprinted OMR form. You can design your own form then print on plain paper by normal printer.
100% Accuaracy
With Double tag detection and our advanced OMR technology. Ezy OMR can read answer sheet without any error.
User-Friendly for everyone
The system provides full features for OMR, flexible, easy and friendly user interface. Just simply scan, this will give you student response, statistic and report automatically.
High Security
Don't worry about unauthorized change or access to your OMR data, with User Logon/ profile each teacher can access to his/her own OMR data only.
Support variety of answer key and score
- Support every type and size of answer sheet.
- Support every type of answer key e.g., single answer, multiple answer, numeric answer, relative answer.
Automatic report, student statistic, test analysis
- Support Norm/ Criterion reference evaluation.
- Score analysis e.g., ranking, percentile, quartile, Z-Score, T-Score, etc.
- Test analysis e.g., P,R,Delta, Min, Mean, Median, Max, Kuder Richardson, etc.
- Export to text and CSV file.


1. Ezy OMR’s components
   • Answer Sheet Reading program
   • Answer Key Program
   • Exam Analyzer Program
2. Save time
With “Image Base Processing technology”, Ezy OMR supports both reading while scanning and reading scanned file.  So user can use Ultra high speed scanner or many scanners to create answer sheet images and then let Ezy OMR engine to read it.  It is very flexible and saves your time a lot.
answer sheet
3. Share job & Work together
Ezy OMR is a multi-user system, so each user can work on his response job and they can work together.
4. Save cost
4.1. Create your own design answer sheet
   • Create by yourself by Visio
   • Use default template in software.
*Remark – Each bubble has to be same align with left and bottom tag.

4.2. No need special paper
   • No need special paper. No need to order a huge of answer sheet form. You can change your design for each test and print in small quantity.
   • You can print your own form on plain paper by normal printer.
print your own form
5. User-Friendly. Reduce human error
   • Just simply scan, the software will read, grade and give all statistics automatically.
user friendly OMR
6. User Logon/ User Profile
   • Don’t worry about grade stolen or unauthorized change because each teacher have to login with his/her own username. Each teacher is allowed to see and do anything for his/her own subject taught only.
7. Accuracy
7.1. Genius Detection
    • This software can read marked bubbles 100% accuracy although the bubbles are unclear mark or the student attends to mark over 2 bubbles.

7.2. Double Tags
    • The left and bottom tag in answer sheet help the software read the mark in answer sheet more accuracy.
    • 100% accuracy reading although the answer sheet images are smaller, bigger or a little bit skew.

7.3. Support variety format of answer sheet
    • Multi-parts or Multi-subject in same page.
    • A4, A5, single-sided, double-sided

7.4. Search and preview answer sheet image
    • The teacher can search and preview any answer sheet image in order to cross-check mark status e.g. none mark, unclear mark, and mark over 1 bubble, etc.
answer sheet
8. Create answer key file, just simply scan
    • This software provides very easy method to create answer key file. Just mark the correct answer in the blank form, mark the first bubble in first student ID column and first bubble in last Student ID column (as picture), then simply scan, the software will give answer key file automatically.
Answer key
9. Support variety format of answer and score
    • Specify objective for each question.
    • 2 answer key modes; Single mode and Advance mode.
    • Support variety of answer.
         o One correct answer, over 1 correct answer, numeric answer, relative answer.
         o Single Choice, Multi-Choice.
    • Support variety of score. o Free Score.
         o Negative score for wrong response. o Positive score for complete response only.
         o Different score for each choice.
set score
10. Automatic score and analysis result
10.1. Score Analysis
    • Show correct and incorrect response of each student for each question.
    • Support Norm. Ref and Criterion Ref.
    • Show the total students that are correct response in each question.
    • Score and statistic report o Total score of each student. o Total questions, Full score, Total score.
        o Ranking, Percentile, Quartile, Z-Score, T-Score, Stannie
        o Score by objective o Score by question
Check score
10.2. Test Analysis
    • Statistic report
        o Difficult index (p), p(High), p(Low)
        o Discrimination index (r), r (High), r(Low)
        o R, Point biserial correction, Biserial correction, Delta
        o Min, Mean, Median, Max, Variance, Standard deviation
        o Kuder Richardson reliability statistic
        o Cronbach alpha reliability statistic
        o Split half reliability statistic o Rbis, RPB
    • Report p distribution as graph.
    • High and low scoring group of students; 25%, 27%, 33%, 50%
    • Test report, Test analysis report, Test statistics report e.g., Kuder Richardson, Alpha, Semi Alpha.
    • Test quality report such as
        o Good - Should be kept, Poor – Should be improve.
Summary statistics
11. Fill out the bubble with any marker.
      • Just mark the bubbles with dark pens, pencils or any marker.
12. Import student list
      • Import student list form Excel file in order to match with student’s answer sheet image.
      • Check duplicate student ID, wrong student ID, and absent student ID too.
      • Search and edit student ID.
13. Other features
    • Export raw and evaluated data to be text and CSV file in order to use with the other analysis software such as SPSS.
    • Support Win XP, Vista, 7, 8

Answer sheet

answer sheet
A5, support single-sided and double-sided.

A6, support single-sided and double-sided.

OMR Operation chart

OMR operation chart